Changing body pregnancy early motherhood

5 Ways to Honor Your Changing Body During Pregnancy and Motherhood

Your body is a truly amazing vehicle for all the love and challenges you will encounter as a mother. From one pregnant, toddler-chasing mom to each of you in your unique stage of motherhood, I honor the beautiful work that you and your body are doing to support you in raising your children.

New mom guilt

Mom’s First Trip – Stretching the Bond with Baby

As a therapist who works with moms, I am constantly encouraging them to prioritize themselves and their relationship. Time after time I find myself repeating the mantra: “Your family deserves the best version of you; the only way that is possible is by making yourself a priority.” Yet, here I was questioning and doubting my decision to do just that. I felt weighed down by the surge of guilt and self-judgment that came with making a decision to put my need for a break, time with my husband, and an opportunity to satisfy a passion of mine, above that of being present 24/7 for my son. It was in that moment that I recognized how hard it was to do what I had always so easily advised my clients to do.

Unsolicited advice as new mom

“Can I give you some advice?”: How to Handle Unsolicited Advice as a New Mom

It’s normal that we see another person’s discomfort and want to relieve them of it. So if you experience the impulse to give advice after someone shares a struggle they are encountering, stop and think. You can choose to first empathize with their struggle “that sounds so stressful.” If you decide to embark on giving advice, be transparent and ask for permission.

Lessons from an allergist mom

Lessons from An Allergist-Mom on Preventing Food Allergies

As a board-certified allergist, I’ve seen firsthand how food allergies can be inconvenient, costly and in some cases, life-threatening. Thankfully, findings from recent landmark studies have opened our eyes to new ways of thinking about allergy prevention in children.

Stress high risk pregnancy

Mind/Body Stress + Pregnancy

The first step is to recognize that the goal is not to avoid all stress during pregnancy. It’s not possible, nor is it practical. If you have known sources of stress that are avoidable (for example, people in your life who bring you anxiety or a job that is high-stress) see how you can minimize exposure. However, in most cases, stress is not the problem. Human bodies are resilient, even during pregnancy. So moments of high-stress do not usually cause long-term issues to your health.

The bigger problem is not allowing our bodies to heal from stress. Our bodies have a built-in system that triggers the stress-response, and we have a body system that’s designed to trigger the healing response to help you recover from the stress. It is in triggering the latter that healing can occur from the damages of stress and protect you from long term concerns.